Does the name Clive Staples Lewis sound familiar to you? He was a very talented British poet, novelist, literary critic and even theologian and medievalist. C. S. Lewis served on the English faculty at Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. His academic career was really impressive. If you want to read the most famous quotes from CS Lewis, you should check out the collection below. Do not forget to share the following famous C. S. Lewis quotes online and let other people get acquainted with his powerful and wise words.

Quotes From C. S. Lewis

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We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay. But look for Christ, and you will find Him, and with Him everything else thrown in.

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil. C. S. Lewis

No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally – and often far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond.

Famous C S Lewis Quotes

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Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained. ― C.S. Lewis

We must show our Christian colors if we are to be true to Jesus Christ.

Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning.

 The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts. C. S. Lewis

The Best C. S. Lewis  Quotes On Friendship

Clive Staples Lewis was a great man of impressive intelligence and a big heart. His life principles deserve out special attention. We are sure that the following C.S. Lewis friendship quotes will provide you with some ideas of what the true friendship is.

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Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. C. S. Lewis

What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it. – C. S. Lewis

Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities. – C. S. Lewis

C S Lewis Mere Christianity Quotes

Considered to be a classic of Christian apologetics, Mere Christianity is one of theological books written by C.S. Lewis who was a famous and respected theologian. Just read these wonderful C S Lewis quotes from his book Mere Christianity.

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The terrible thing, the almost impossible thing, is to hand over your whole self all your wishes and precautions to Christ.

When a man is getting better he understands more and more clearly the evil that is still left in him. When a man is getting worse he understands his own badness less and less.― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

“The point is not that God will refuse you admission to His eternal world if you have not got certain qualities of character: the point is that if people have not got at least the beginnings of those qualities inside them, then no possible external conditions could make a ‘Heaven’ for them–that is, could make them happy with the deep, strong, unshakable kind of happiness God intends for us” (81).

Almost certainly God is not in time. His life does not consist of moments one following another…Ten-thirty– and every other moment from the beginning of the world–is always Present for Him. If you like to put it this way, He has all eternity in which to listen to the split second of prayer put up by a pilot as his plane crashes in flames.― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

‘A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic–on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg–or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse.’

In religion, as in war and everything else, comfort is the one thing you cannot get by looking for it. If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end: if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth — only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end, despair.― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Cs Lewis Quotes On Love

C. S. Lewis was a man with a golden heart. He found true love in Christianity and he wanted all the people to follow his example. His poetry and novels are lovely. Read these C. S. Lewis quotes on love and you will get enough motivation to read his books again.

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This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.

Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbor; act as if you do, and you will presently come to love him. – C. S. Lewis

The great thing to remember is that though our feelings come and go God’s love for us does not.

I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.

Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained. – C. S. Lewis

Though our feelings come and go, his love for us does not. – C. S. Lewis

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