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Have a look at our collection of interesting gay quotes. All these sayings will help you express your feelings and thoughts. If you have a gay friend, he will be happy to receive such a picture with a nice quote. This is true, many people have a negative point of view on this issue, but the following gay quotes will bring some positivism and humor. Finally, every person can decide for himself how to live and what kind of relationships to have. Hurry up to see a lot of new quotes about gays and share them with your friends.

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If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.

Many of my Republican colleagues talk about family values. Their values are that our gay brothers and sisters should not be able to get married, or enjoy all of the benefits of American citizenship. I disagree

Oh God, oh God, hide, it’s my boyfriend.

I’ve always said ‘gay.’ I don’t mean it as a slur. It means the same thing as ‘lame’ when I say it.

Gay men are perfect men for girls who are tough. They’re not threatened by strong women, and they’re usually very in touch with their feelings and pay attention to details. I’ve always had an affinity with gay men.

Love is boundary-less. If you can make me feel, if you can make me laugh – and that’s hard – then I can be with you. I don’t care if you have a vagina or if you’re a hermaphrodite or whatever.

Get your tongue out of my mouth, I’m kissing you goodbye.

Your gayer than a cock flavoured lollipop.

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It is not difficult nice gay love quotes in such a great collection as we have. You can share these words of love with your friends online. There is nothing to be afraid to express your feelings of love.

From Monday to Friday my body is a temple. From Friday to Sunday, a ruin.

I think being gay is a blessing, and it’s something I am thankful for every single day.

Are you gay, or do you just wish you were a woman?

What people do in their own homes is their business, and you can choose to love whoever you love.

Of course all citizens deserve equal rights. It’s time for the Supreme Court to catch up to the American people and legalize gay marriage.

Every gay guys GPS system would tell him to go straight.

Do you do threesomes? (Translation: the speaker fancies your boyfriend).

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Would you like to stop keep in secret your nontraditional relationships. It is time to let your friends know your true feelings. The following quotes about being gay will help you to do this.

If your heart is broken, do you have a phantom heart?

The important thing is not the object of love, but the emotion itself.

There is no gay agenda – it’s a human agenda.

All of us should be treated the same… Long live love.

My brother is gay and my parents don’t care, as long as he marries a doctor.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.

Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

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Would you like to share some funny gay quotes on social media networks. The following funny quotes will perfectly describe how it is to have nontraditional relationships in our modern society.

Incredibly, today in many states, it is still legal to fire someone for being gay. That is unacceptable and must change.

I know another gay dude I could hook you up with.

In itself, homosexuality is as limiting as heterosexuality: The ideal should be to be capable of loving a woman or a man; either, a human being, without feeling fear, restraint or obligation.

They say you can’t tell guys are gay just by looking. But if two guys are kissing, you can figure at least one of them is gay.

If you were expecting Prince Charming, I’m sorry. He’s with his boyfriend.

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