Army memes

Is your career connected to the army? In such a case, you have to see our newly updated army memes. This selection is full of funny army memes. You can send the following funny army pictures to your colleagues or army mates. The army is associated with discipline, rules and very hard training. However, many funny things happen every day there. Military men have a very good sense of humor. Good jokes help to get rid of tension and stress, which you face all the time during an army service.

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Funny army memes

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Air force memes

Do you work in the air force? Your job is very serious and stressful. In order to get rid of tension, you can watch the following air force memes. Your military colleagues and friends will enjoy the following funny air force memes, which you can send in a private message, include in a greeting card or simply share on Facebook wall.

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Navy meme

Navy service is very important. All men who work in the navy are very strong and highly-disciplines. However, it does not mean that their sense of humor is bad. Once you watch the following navy meme, you will understand that a navy humor is hilarious. Enjoy our funny navy memes presented in this collection.

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Funny military memes

Do you like good jokes about a military service? Discover our big collection of funny military memes. If you work in American Army, these us military memes are created for you and your military colleagues and mates.

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